Small Tetragrammaton Pendant® 2cm

The most powerful protection amulet that exists, it appears 200 years before the Christian era,in the first Bible known ,a Hebrew text which was translated into Greek, known as the Septuagint …

NOT FOR SALE & DISTRIBUTION patent c.e.e tetragrammaton pendant®

Sterling Silver 925

Mesure: 2 cm Ø



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The most powerful protection amulet that exists, it appears 200 years before the Christian era,in the first Bible known ,a Hebrew text which was translated into Greek, known as the Septuagint … The wearer shows the way to the light and wisdom and possess infinite powers, giving total protection.

Placed at the door of the house, not allowing the passage of evil “entities”, the tetragrammaton represents the supreme being and expresses the domination of spirit over the elements of Nature.

Description and meaning

The word TE TRA GRAM MATON® recorded in Blazing Star or five-pointed star, from Greek FOUR LETTERS which can be summarized as YHVH initial. is the Divinity name; It is the Holy One Unutterable name ,YOD HE VAU . The word YOD HE VAU HE , is pronounced like YAHVÉ, in other languages has four letters: Spanish (DIOS), Latin (DEUS), Greek (TESO), Arabic (ALIAH).

The meaning of YHVH  or YOD HE VAU is at the bottom of the star in the words:

  • YOD (o IOD). active substance of life.
  • HE. It is the mystery, is the passive principle, wisdom.
  • VAU (o VAV). It is the middle ground between assets and liabilities.
  • HE. Reaffirms the wisdom.

               Tetragrammaton written in ancient Hebrew characters, LXXVTS 10b This scroll of parchment, found in the Judean Desert, in a cave in Nahal Hever, was dated from the mid-first century E.C. It was published in Supplements to Vetus Testamentum, vol. X, 1963,p. 178. renders the divine name by the Tetragrammaton written in ancient Hebrew characters in the following locations: Zac 8:20; 9:1, 1, 4.


The left side numbers on TE 1-2  

 (The Cross)  (The Word)The meaning of 1 is the unit as a principle and  The Divine Masculine.

The meaning of 2 is The Divine Feminine. Both numbers are binary generator society and law.

 The numbers 1-2-3 on the right side on TRA. It’s the Divine Trinity.   

  Inside the star, ;

 on the top are number 4   jupiter , father of the gods ,Sachiel the angel of abundance, spiritual eyes are open, watching us .

Expressing his divinity and his descent.

 At the on the ends of sides (the hand of the spirit.) Mars symbol is drawn,  God of war, who represents strength.

In lower corners (legs) we found the symbol of Saturn, the establishment.

 In the center left side, we found the sun who enlightens us and gives us lifethe male energy, and positive force; while the moon on the right represents the feminine energy and negative forces and the union of both.

 In the center, the symbols of Mercury and Venus togethermale and female that everyone has, under the backbone of man with Kundalini surrounding it.

 On the right, on the top of side, we found

 The Chalice: symbol of Female Yoni, the holy Grail, the drink of immortality, abundance.

On the left we a scepter or wand: represents the rod of Moses which dominates the elements of nature.

 Down: the Flaming Sword: Will the sacred fire that we each have.   

 On the left we found:

 Solomon’s seal, which represents the solar system, where they meet and interlock the male and female energies. 

The seal  represents  the sacred geometry one of the most important symbols that we have.

On the bottom appears YODHEVAVHE   
It’s God’s name translated from the Hebrew symbols.


  • It is for own use, shouldn’t be borrowed. It is your amulet once loaded and cleaned, if someone touches you have to clean it and load it again.
  • If you are wearing them around neck protects you from any evil eye. At a time when we need protection, catch it with his right hand and will be armed and protected. “Always with the point of the star up to protect us, never down, the star serves as a claim down the forces of evil”.
  • To help someone we know it will not bring over him, because they always want to bring the neck, we put it in a pocket or under the sheets.
  • The Tetragrammaton will be activated for a personal utility.
  • If protection for the person shall be yours.
  • If you want to protect your home or business will be enabled for you, but it will hang above the front door of the house or business, or the door of your room. If you protect your car, be another pendant car, one for your family or friend … and all will never be your Tetragrammaton for everything. To be one good use for a purpose or place or person.
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