Sale Conditions

The conditions of sale are applicable only for the Spanish territory. In the case of an order outside of Spain, you must send a message to the email and we will contact you, since the conditions and costs depend on the country in question.

In sales to the Canary Islands, the customs system will apply the corresponding tax charges. In no case will we be able to determine the amount of taxes to be paid by the client upon receiving their order, which will be the I.G.I.C. and the AIEM and Customs of the Canary Islands, which will apply the Import Office.

Payment Methods

The forms of payment that we accept in the orders that are made through the Internet are:

Cash on delivery.
Card through the virtual POS.
Account deposit: It will be sent when we send the payment receipt to the following e-mail:

Card payments work as pre-authorizations that our customer service staff will confirm with your bank when ordering the shipment of the product from our warehouse. This means that the charge will not be made on your card until we verify that your order is correct and that all products are in stock.

Shipping & Returns


Shipments can be by post and by MRW..

  • Certificate (in case of card payment) and cash on delivery (without card)
  • By post Spain the delivery time is 3 to 4 business days normally.
  • By MRW courier service: The shipment that allows us to process the orders for delivery in the following 24h / 48h through the MRW transport agency. Orders received on Friday will be shipped the following Monday.
  • Shipments outside the peninsula the delivery time is longer.

If for any reason there is a delay in shipping, we will notify you of the estimated delivery time.

Packages are generally shipped within 48 hours after receipt of your payment. Fashion is the standard by MRW. Whichever shipping method is selected, we will present as soon as possible a shipping locator that allows you to track your package’s online shipment.

In case your order is cash on delivery by MRW, make sure you have the necessary amount when the courier arrives. It will take approximately 1 to 3 business days from the order.

You must remain alert to the arrival of the messenger. If, when trying to deliver, there is no one at the address provided, the courier will leave an arrival note indicating the phone number to call to arrange the new delivery.

The courier company will not call before the first delivery attempt.

After two days without establishing contact, the company will try to locate you on the phone number that you would have provided (so it is more useful if it is a mobile phone). After 7 days without being able to contact, the package will be returned by courier. Therefore, be sure to provide an address where you are easily reachable (work address, family address, etc.).

If the order is finally returned by the courier agency due to the impossibility of contacting the customer, the customer would be responsible for paying for the new shipment.

Once the package has been shipped, the delivery address may be modified within the same town.

The exact delivery time cannot be specified.

Cambios y Devoluciones:

Si hay cualquier error en tu pedido por parte de la Tienda , ponte en contacto con nosotros AFRIC ART  telf 647 620 641 tienda o por e-mail y te informaremos de la forma de solucionarlo.

En tienda física: Gratuito.

A través de la tienda virtual:Podrás realizar cambios de talla. Sólo se abonarán los gastos de envío en caso de devolución total y de equivocación de talla del anillo.

  1. Se puede mandar por correo certificado a la dirección indicada bajo. A la recepción, se le mandaría el nuevo producto por correo certificado.
  2. Por empresa de transportes:  tan sólo tendrás que preparar un paquete con la dirección indicada abajo y tu remitente detrás y la empresa de transportes pasará a recogerlo.Si es un cambio, la misma empresa te entregará tu producto nuevo.



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