THE RING ATLANTE® possess the secret of the atlante, one of his last legacies on earth. The most powerful amulet, imperative, that will transform our energy “chi”. It is a miracle of “quantum energy” and magic surrounding the Egyptian civilization. The geometric shape of ring Atlante® was named ” Wave Form Luxor by Team Belizal, possess powers and virtues that we can check with indisputable evidence, Repeated experiences for over 25 years by Andrés de Bélizal rediscovered of “the energies form” y Roger de Lafforest, plus our experience of over 15 years of selling the Atlante ring and numerous studies by José Miguel Arguix on the ring atlante in Workshop atlante of the store of Valencia, with the study of many years with the CÁMARA DGV (CÁMARA KIRLIAN) and numerous courses and lectures given by Dr. Manuel Arrieta. He graduated in Medicine from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, president of the National Association of “Holomedicina”, Biophysics advisor of the National College of Physicians and professionals in alternative medicine, professor of Bioelectronics and Quantum Medicine International Training Centre holistic health, being our stores and pioneering company in Europe.

anillo atlante


The function of RING ATLANTE® awareness of our age is bioenergetic sender, which generates energy fields on one of the meridians or “nadis”, that flow through our body and flow into our fingers, so from there to all our bioplasma field is transmitted. Each finger is linked to their zodiac longer a planet. The ring acts on problems psychological and physical as the fingers. Using the ring on his right hand be for physical and emotional problems left.

Two isosceles pyramid-shaped sides of the six geometric figures energies purified transforming them into positive flowing into the ring through the holes of its vertices.

parte frontal anillo atlante

The “LUXOR WAVE FORM” is central relief located in the Atlas ring. The three lines form a grid that absorbs energy.

Tres lineas del anillo

The ring has 4 holes diametrically opposed, are the ways in which energy flow, positive inwardly through the holes of the isosceles triangles and negative outwards by the other two, forming a circle bioenergy permanently transforms negative energies in positive, and multiply flowing through the line at infinity.

anillo energético

Inside the ring is the figure of infinity also called LEMNISCATA, is the figure that describes how energy vibration, whose function is to serve as a multiplier, providing positive energy and extracting negative energy. The symbol describes the vibration of energy, by transferring this energy to vital energy centers as chacras, which acts on the ring. It has neither beginning nor end.

infinito lemniscata
Form of infinity symbol on the inside of the ring Atlante

The 6 geometric shapes or edges, are those that allow capture, accumulate, enhancing and emit cosmic energy in the form of electromagnetic vibrations, forming a network that encapsulates the energy redistributing in both directions toward the triangles, through laws and still unknown phenomena, but tested by multiple experiences with DGV camera (Kirlian Camera).

The ring is made of silver, Because the STARLING SILVER 925 is a passive metal that provides tranquility, and conducts heat better than any other metal electricity. Therefore a positive impact on bioenergetics vibration generated by the ring. Has 8mm wide because it is proportional to its figures, is the perfect width to generate greater “waveform”. Besides lying 8 is the infinite sign ∞.

The effects it brings are due to bioenergy field forming the ring with its three lines, since they form a grid selected energy collected to send to the six geometrical figures filtering them through the two isosceles triangles and converting positive introduced in two holes by eliminating negative and both holes (top and bottom), leaving within the protection and generating a constant circle of positive energy thanks to the infinite line engraved inside.

campo bioenergético de la mano
Bioenergy field hand
Why say it’s a lie?

Because the original ring is held by the descendants of the family Belizal, and assumes that you have not seen anyone but Roger Lafforest, which speaks in his book “Houses that kill” and you have copied all the rings. But bioenergetic testing and dowsing all studies and measurements with the DGV camera (kirlian) demonstrate that our Atlante ring is improved, energy is larger than any other, we studied all the Atlante rings market with the camera DGV and numerous studies show us that neither emits as much energy as our RING ATLANTE®.

What I wear the ring finger?
dedos dónde llevar el anillo
Physical Problems
THUMB Head and neck organs: brain, cortex, forehead, temples, eyes, nose, ears, teeth, jaw, throat, thyroid, tonsils.
FOREFINGER Bodies of the column: dorsal, Cervical, lumbar, sacrum, coccyx, appendix, colon, rectum, cecum.
MIDDLE FINGER In this finger are represented circulatory system, lymphatic system, base defenses, head, abdomen, chest, heart, kidney, liver. thorax. I celebrate the vessels.
RING FINGER Endocrine system, immune system defenses, nervous system, urogenital system, spleen, pancreas, adrenal, hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal.
LITTLE FINGER In this finger is represented the respiratory system, Moms, lungs, kidney, duodenum, jejunum, heart, heart, heart.
It acts on emotions
THUMB Feelings, listen to others, analyze what surrounds us unhurried, Collected express ideas that irritate us.
FOREFINGER Self-esteem, fear of loneliness, sadness, inability of expression, delete past experiences and assimilate new, helps eliminate pride, guilt and forgiveness. Physical: rectum affects the difficulty to take the last step to get rid of the past, sigmoid, descending.
MIDDLE FINGER Helps circulate ideas, have Joy, express love, accept ourselves, to be sufficient, having emotional stability, overcome frustration, resentment, anger, aggression, violence, and impatience, namely reason, no be aggressive, be friendly.
RING FINGER It helps to not feel humiliated, unless possessive, not obsessed, not to worry about everything. A relax. A not give importance to the opinions of others, resentment, fear excessively, guilt, jealousy, conflict with our sexuality.
LITTLE FINGER Emotional stress, conflict partner and children, work and family conflicts, conflicts of friends, Be compassionate and forgiving, assimilate the experiences of life without fear, to take risks, states depressive and anxiety, to avoid conflicts with others. Physical: disease mammary glands, breasts and Ideo.

Scientific Base


The Atlante ring, I came into my possession made in 1997 by chance while a favor done for me, since then I have not stopped to investigate, takes more than 14 years held by the company AFRICA COMERS SL, during this time we have studied the Atlante ring for the first time since 1860 found the Atlante ring, We are the first company to write the book “The atlante ring” the hand of our friend Jose Miguel Enguix Moreno, The ring is set with ancient sacred geometry to generate internally exact geometric figure that gives strength, “the Merkaba”, three-dimensional and moving.

For this geometry, our ring moves various organs, systems and emotions. In his right hand the physical work and left emotionally.

Ring Atlante many erroneous versions made with different shapes that do not meet even the proportions given by the Atlanteans to Egyptian priests “Uabs”, while our Atlante ring is able to deliver many more bovis, an energy that can be checked with different devices radionics and dowsing as well as more advanced measurement systems used as Kirlian Camera GDV (c).

Our ring and thanks to Kirlian Camera GDV (c), we could make multiple measurements over many years, and it has been shown improvements in the energy field (aura) of a person, which with other measured rings, no.

Our ring is balanced person, never falls below 6,000 bovis and is capable of reaching up to almost 50,000 cases according bovis.

“The gold and silver will not marry” (wise saying) so it is not necessary to combine gold and silver, supposedly to balance the two energies Yin and Yang, as the Merkaba and owns.

It’s not necessary to make any ritual or energy charge or intent, since by its Sacred Geometry Atlante is perfectly balanced.

Our Atlantis ring is patented so its sale and distribution is prohibited in over 5 different ways, but we only manufacture in the form that generates the most balanced without outflows energy (Tests Kirlian GDV (c))

The copying, sale or reproduction Atlante ring without authorization of Africa Comers SL ( Patent C.E.E nº:000121678-0001 )

The authentic Atlante ring European Patent AFRICA COMERS S.L ®. We workshops RING ATLANTE®, ask us for information.

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