The Atlantis ring, originally made of assouan clay, was discovered around 1860 in a tumb in Egypt by a French egyptologyst named Marquis d’Agrain. His grandaughter, married to the radiesthesist André de Belizal, inherited the ring. The ring was considered to be several thousands of years old and was adorned with geometric symbols which were placed and balanced according to a very special arrangement.

Andre de Belizal was a well-known expert in radiesthesia, the science concerned with the energy of shapes and other subtle energy qualities. He built several radiesthesic instruments over time such as specialized pendulums and devices to test or harmonize the energies of a person or dwelling. He wrote several books on the subject such as “Essai de radiesthésie vibratoire” and is well respected to this date, having left an amazing legacy in documented experiments, devices, scientific and empiric research.

De Belizal investigated and found that this ring’s geometric shapes created a subtle energy field of powerful vibrations. He found that its electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of energy patterns, resulting in a protective shield for whoever wore it. It also increased the ability to tap into one’s own intuitive powers and the subconscious mind. He studied and tested the patterns on the ring carefully for years to find the amazing properties that have made this ring so famous.

Waveforms: The special design make the Atlantis seal amazing protective properties. It creates a protective barrier against unwanted energies.

For this to work, you should turn it inside a pyramid or other instrument activation and programming, following an esoteric ritual performed Atlantean priests, Toltecs and Egyptians. Currently they do who have inherited this knowledge and training are “insiders”. Using dowsing and kinesiology can measure the characteristics of the Atlantean ring. It is possible to observe its protective power and energy scavenging undesirable vibrations.

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