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More than 15 years ago, by accident or not, was handed to me just as to those of Howard Carter the ATLANTIS RING®. It was as a consequence of Fue a raíz de a favour to a person, without asking or expecting anything in return, he gave it backto me and told me that it brought luck. Today, after many years, I present us this web with love, with a Patente(C.E.E nº:000121678-0001), which gives us the exclusivity of being the only ones in Europe can sell and distribute ATLANTIS RING. A patent for over 10 years and the best possible web domain (www.anilloatlante.com) saved for many years.

In these years we have gained experience and knowledge, sales and research Atlantis ring in my various stores. In this last part, a special memory for José Miguel Arguix for its thousands of hours researching the DGV (kirlian) camera and studio Atlante thousands of hours in courses Hand researcher Dr. Manuel Arrieta Sr degree in Medicine by the National Autonomous University of Mexico and President of the National Association of Holomedicina.

Our company is no longer a young company, we travel the world over 40 countries buying parts. Now I lose count of how many trips, looking for the special items for our customers. And this ring is one of those special items, our company continues to maintain that young and enterprising spirit, so I’d like you through our web may know a fascinating story that I love.

Some know us AFRIC ART

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