The book on Atlante ring is first written in Spanish in the world, It is the effort of more than 8 years of extensive research, where we discovered the magic and scientific data that has led him this ring, marked by a legend, he curse of Tutankhamun, a curse or virus that Howard Carter, the discoverer, was saved thanks to this ring Atlante, which was called “Powerful talisman defense”.

Based on a photo published Roger Lafforest in his book Casas that kill were made many radionics level studies, and various copies of this ring.Now, thanks to new technologies such as Kirlian Camera GDV ©, have been able to confirm the powers and virtues of this ring, and learn all about it, its history, His Sacred geometry marked it and especially how to use each of the fingers of our hands, both physically and emotionally. Discover the answers to all our questions regarding this ring “protector and balancer”, Atlante ring.

Find the book here.

libro el anillo atlante
Video presentation of the book "The Atlantean Ring"
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